Our Services


We provide our clients with best value solutions in terms of preparing, appraising or defending claims for extensions of time, prolongation costs, disruption costs, acceleration costs or recovery of disputed variations.In order for a claim to succeed it must have contractual validity, together with the support of factual and accurate records, and clearly establish a cause and effect link. Our wealthy experience in managing claims is are follows:


We provide a number of services during the course of a project either directly or indirectly to support clients through their contracts. ​These services include:

  • Developing bespoke contract procedures and manuals to assist in the effective management of a project from inception to completion.
  • Providing user friendly interpretation of contracts, both standard forms and one-off contracts, using flow diagrams and familiar processes to illustrate the mechanisms involved such as notice provisions, payment requirements, information transfer and time restrictions.
  • Providing key standard response documents which include all clauses, necessary references and terms to make them effective.
  • Providing ongoing audits to ensure that administrative issues are being addressed.
  • Drafting detailed contractual letters that is based on factual information to protect client’s rights.


It is essential that we follow a consistent approach to the planning and programming advice we provide, which is best achieved by using the particular skills of our expertise thus enabling the delivery of a full planning and programming service throughout the project life cycles for design development, all types of procurement, construction planning, buildability/methodology advice and 'time' risk analysis.

Each client is provided with a customized package of planning and scheduling services depending on its need and in order to maximize the means of directing, controlling and monitoring their projects:


Our arbitration support service is designed to meet the clients’ needs, by:

Our objective is to assist in securing an early settlement through open negotiation and to provide our clients with:


The success criteria of any project depends on the establishment and adoption of the most appropriate procurement route and contract form, pre-qualification criteria, and bid evaluation criteria. The procurement process that is to be managed is therefore intended to enable clients to strike the right balance between the often conflicting criteria of time, quality, price and function.


Clients want to have sufficient information addressing the risks and the chances that they have for executing a project that in turn would need a commitment for resources to be executed. ​A scrutinized review of the interface between the business and engineering in terms of capital expenditure is conducted.​

We will analyze and provide our evaluation of the viability of the clients' ideas to be able to determine the potential positive and negative outcomes of a project before investing a considerable amount of time and money in it.

A technical assessment along with a cost/benefit analysis are conducted to identify the potential logistical problems and marketing strategies that will assist in having a wise choice for investing in the business.